At Cop call consulting we will supply you with the most comprehensive background check legally available. If you are about to conduct a business transaction with, or who you are considering investing in or loaning money to someone you need to know who they are. Knowing the background and history of someone in this day and age is a security step that no one can afford not to conduct. For your own security and peace of mind you need to know who the other party really is.

Everyday honest and decent people are ripped off professional conman who by all appearances seem to be honest and true. But then later all they worked for, all they saved, all they had is gone and they say if I only knew….

So know before you conduct any business. Have cop Call Consulting conduct a background check when you to learn the truth about someone. We will provide you with a comprehensive background check that includes a full profile of individuals, his or her criminal history, business history, employment history, prior addresses, liens/ judgments, pending or past legal proceedings, bankruptcy history as well as several other checks. We then will give you a detail and organized report so you can make sound business decisions based on the most current and accurate information available.

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