At Cop Call Private Investigations we work closely with our clients to develop the appropriate security solution for you. We know that the needs of an individual who wishes to make their home safer from potential crime is very different than the needs of a corporation who needs to protect themselves form factors such as corporate espionage, threats, or liability. That’s why at cop call consulting we offer two different threat and risk assessments for both the individual as well as for commercial / corporate institutions


At Cop Call Private Investigations we have burglary prevention experts who will walk with you through your home conducting a comprehensive analysis of all the security deficiencies of your home. Our experts will compile a detailed written report and explain step by step every point to improve you security and safety for both your family as well as your assets.


Our experts in Corporate Security know that this is not a one size fits all type of thing. A surveillance investigator will conduct an independent assessment for your corporate needs and offer you a detailed written report with an analysis of your particular threats as well recommendations of specific steps and how to implement said steps to reduce or eliminate the threat.